What do high school kids know about being entrepreneurs?  Turns out their curiosity about the world around them, natural creativity, willingness to take risks, and unbridled enthusiasm add up to the characteristics of our greatest entrepreneurs.  This program is designed to “spark or fan the flame” in boys and girls, whose inventiveness and drive can actually teach us something about being entrepreneurs.  The program goal is to empower hundreds of future entrepreneurs to kick-start their business dreams and help them write practical, real-world business plans.

High school students who aspire to start their own businesses are invited to participate in Concordia University’s Teen Entrepreneur Academy (TEA), a unique one-week summer camp program that encourages and trains the next generation of entrepreneurs. Living on campus in Irvine, participants get total immersion in entrepreneurial culture and business training while writing their own business plan. The next academy occurs Sunday, July 13 to Friday, July 19, 2014.

Through an emphasis on action-based planning, students receive an experiential business education with the benefits of planning, goals-setting, budgeting, deadlines, and instant feedback. Students experience a low-risk way to build a sustainable business.  Successful entrepreneurs and business faculty teach students how to start their own businesses. Insightful, step-by-step advice is provided for getting past the idea to implementation.  The curriculum includes hand-on experiences in developing their new business venture using software to write their actual business plan. Students will write their plan and present it to seasoned entrepreneurs using PowerPoint while competing for start-up funding ($1,000 first prize). Mentoring is provided by successful entrepreneurs, business practioners and faculty. Best business practices and timeless wisdom from scripture are the foundations of the program.

Presented by the Concordia University’s business school and its Center for Faith and Business, the goal is to train up the next generation of entrepreneurs, young men and women of character and integrity who bring a values-based approach to their business.  2012 Review & Newsletter

Up to 50 students will live and work on campus including field trips to local companies. Special recruitment emphasis will be on inner city, low income and at-risk students. The investment is $800 per student. Scholarships are available for those who qualify. Applications accepted starting March 1, 2014.  Apply for a scholarship here

Contact: Stephen Christensen. stephen.christensen@cui.edu, 714-272-7865.